Elizabeth Terzian

The Classical Ballet School is proud to welcome Elizabeth Terzian Ph.D., as our specialized instructor in the art of Historical Dance.

She is a dance historian, cultural mythologist, writer, choreographer, and lecturer.

Ms. Terzian received her PhD in Mythological Studies with emphasis in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, her M.A. in Dance history from UC Riverside, her BA in Dance from UC Irvine; she has graduated in Philosphie-Lettres from Lyon, France, and pursued her musical and ballet training at L'Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris.  She has received her secondary education at L'Ecole des Saints Coeurs in Beirut, Lebanon.

She has a specialized knowledge of dance history, theatrical movement and historical dance (Renaissance, Baroque, Early Nineteenth-Century), choreography, French for dancers, Music for dancers, Music Appreciation, Ballet Theory, and Aesthetics. 


Historical Dance Courses - with Performance Opportunities:

Under her expert and insightful guidance - complete classes on historical dance will be held on a regular basis, incorporating all aspects of a particular historical dance style, including: culture; historical significance; costuming; music; theory; and technique.

New Classes Starting in November - Enroll NOW!

 Students of this subject will be given the unique opportunity to perform a selection of their studies in "An Evening of Historical Dance."

For more information on this specialized program, contact the School today.  


Useful note to Actors & Actresses in the L.A. area:

Many historically based motion pictures strive for authenticity in their productions.  By becoming familiar and proficient in various forms of historical dance,  you may greatly increase your casting opportunities in period dramas and movies.

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